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#vulvodynia ? Maybe if I look this hashtag up I will find a cure. Because, well, I diagnosed myself after countless doctors appointments. I even went to a painful sex specialist. He said the pain I had was common, but he never discussed a name for the condition. Thanks for nothing doc… *(Get dressed, hand over debit card, exit the building)

Hmmm………click type type….click…hmmm….searching searching……

When searching it is hard to read all of the posts and comments from women who are desperate for some relief. I like looking for answers though. I see the option for a vestibulectomy. thanks. I know it might help, but there is not a positive enough success rate for me to venture into the operating room. That’s my opinion.

Hmmm………click type type….click…hmmm….searching searching……

Twitter is a neat place to find Pelvic PT’s, they are great people arn’t they? I’ve never been to one, but out of all of the searching I do, they sure do post a little ray of sunshine about various treatments. That’s how I found out about using vaginal dilators. And so the story begins…..

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