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Sex hurts? How a piece of plastic changed my sex life.


 Doctor appointment after doctor appointment and nobody could figure out why sex was causing me so much pain. It was the opening, a sharp stabbing, burning pain that was making sex unbearable. What was going on??? I never had this before. The pain increased over the next few years.

After suffering for two years, and doing a lot of my own research, I decided to try vaginal dilator therapy. Vaginal dilators are used every day in pelvic floor physical therapy and recommended by doctors. From my previous positive experience using magnets to reduce back and neck nerve pain after a car accident, I had the idea to incorporate neodymium magnets into a dilator set for pelvic pain to increase circulation. So I took a set of dilators and made a neodymium magnet insert to put inside. I used the magnetic dilators for two weeks and then had sex with my husband for the first time in months with less pain than normal. Using the dilator right before sex helped the vaginal muscles relax. Finally! Something so easy and non-surgical to help me feel better.

Doctors had been wanting to put me on anti-depressants to help with nerve pain. I’m glad I never gave in, because all I needed was a vaginal dilator with magnets! Now I can have pain free sex. A

After clinical trials were such a success, I decided to start a company to help all women who suffer from this and other chronic pain conditions. Visit to learn more.

Happy Healing! 


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    Vaginal Dilators can be extremely helpful with reducing and even eliminating pelvic pain/pain with sex that is caused by Vulvodynia/Vestibulitis and tightness of the vaginal muscles. The great thing about vaginal dilators is that you can use them in the comfort of your own home. If you’ve been diagnosed with Vulvodynia/Vestibulitis and are unable to afford multiple visits to your Pelvic Floor Therapist purchasing a dilator set and learning how to use them can be a great and safe way to continue with your therapy and resolve your pain. These VuVatech dilators were created by an amazing fellow Endo and Vulvodynia sister and are worth your consideration when shopping around for a quality dilator set. These are made by someone who actually knows what the pain feels like and what the needs of her customers are! XO

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