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VuVatech attends SPARCC Charity Event


What is SPARCC?

Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center, Inc. (SPARCC) was formed as a non-profit agency in 1979. SPARCC is the only state-certified center for domestic violence and sexual assault services for Sarasota and DeSoto Counties. All of SPARCC’s services are free and confidential.

In addition to serving survivors of domestic and sexual violence, SPARCC is actively engaged in promoting social change through community awareness and education in an effort to prevent violence in the future.

SPARCC serves its clients through an Outreach Center in downtown Sarasota, satellite offices in Venice, North Port and DeSoto Counties, a shelter operating 365 days a year, a 24-hour crisis helpline, and hospital and local courthouse accompaniment.

IN A NUTSHELL: 20 teams of 8 fundraising superheroes took to the streets in fully-stocked, chauffeured vehicles to complete tasks, conquer challenges and earn points to win the grand prize.*Teams also get a HUGE warm-fuzzy feeling from teaming with SPARCC to stop domestic and sexual violence in our community.#Truth

The VuVa team had a great time supporting the SPARCC Charity Event! See you next year!

Visit SPARCC at https://www.sparcc.net/index.cfm



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