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15 Reasons to Use Vaginal Dilators for Pelvic Pain

Vaginal dilators are used to regenerate vaginal capacity, expand the vaginal walls, add elasticity to the tissues, and to allow for comfortable sexual intercourse. We love dilators, and that is why we help women all around the world everyday to help them find pelvic floor physical therapists and educate them on dilator therapy.

Here is a list of reasons to use Vaginal Dilators for pelvic pain:

  • Allow your healthcare provider to perform a more thorough pelvic exam.
  • Make it more comfortable for you to be examined by your pelvic floor pt.
  • Prevent your vagina from becoming too narrow.
  • Keep your vagina more elastic by stretching.
  • Allow you to have intercourse with less discomfort.
  • Neodymium Magnets relax and stretch muscles before intercourse.
  • Desensitizes painful areas of the vagina.
  • Reduces the fear of penetration.
  • Keeps vaginal muscles working even when you are not being intimate.
  • Neodymium Magnets create blood flow to the vaginal walls to promote relaxation and healing.
  • Prevention of adhesions/fibrosis from forming during and after pelvic radiotherapy.
  • Breaks down scar tissue from surgeries and radiation.
  • Safe with virtually no harmful side effects.
  • VuVa Dilators are Made in the USA
  • Dilators Can help with Vaginal atrophy, Vaginismus, Vulvodynia, Vulvar Vestibulitis and many other pelvic pain conditions.

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