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Interested in Rectal Dilators? See What Women are Saying About VuVa Dilators.


They Really Work !!!! A friend of mine recommended VuVaTech because they had worked so well for her. So, I thought I would give them a try. I was really, really reluctant at first and very, very nervous. Which didn’t help at all. One thing I’ve learned is that you really need to keep a very positive attitude and relax as much as possible when working with these dilators. I have also found that doing a little every day is much better than working with them a long time once a week. Initially I tried to do too much and was really left sore and discouraged. But, by working a little every day, I’ve made a LOT of progress – Debra


Wow, VuVaTech dilators made a HUGE difference for me. Taking my time working my way up in size, starting with #1, has really helped me gain confidence and become much more comfortable mentally and physically. Learning to stretch and relax has made a big difference for me and has made me less nervous in general. Combined, this has made anal sex not only possible for me, but comfortable and enjoyable. Without VuVaTech this never would have been possible!


I am so impressed with VuVatech Anal Dilators! They are easy to use and worked great for me. The directions that come with them are clear and very helpful. I suggest using lots of lube when working with the dilators. When I practiced by myself, the most comfortable position was the fetal position, knees apart. After I got over the initial “nervousness” of using the dilators, my husband would help (which actually worked better) and lying on my back, knees pulled up was the best position. As I moved up in size, I would initially just insert the tip and relax / get comfortable with that for about 10 minutes before inserting it further. After fully inserting each one, I had to maintain gentle pressure to keep it in place. Once I could comfortably insert a certain size and keep it in place for about 30 minutes, I knew it was time to try the next size up. I went from using a #1 to using a #5 in about 6 weeks. I was surprised at how quickly I could progress!


A friend recommended VuVatech rectal dilators to me because she knew my boyfriend and I were interested in trying anal sex and I was very nervous about the possible discomfort, especially the first time! My order arrived quickly, the instructions were helpful, and I started using them. I used them for two months before my first anal sex. I have to say, the first time was not as uncomfortable as I thought it might be. Thanks VuVatech! My only advice would be that when working with the dilators, go slow and make sure to get comfortable fully inserting each one before moving onto the next size up. If you just insert the tips, you won’t get the full benefit.


I have found this to be a very helpful and easy-to-use product. After using it consistently for several weeks it has greatly reduced the soreness I would often feel the day after having anal sex and has actually made it possible for me to enjoy having anal sex with my husband. Prior to using VuVatech Rectal Dilators I would dread having anal sex, would not enjoy it at all, and would be very sore for several days afterwards. After working my way up to sizes #3 and #4, I can now comfortably accommodate and enjoy anal sex. The “day after soreness” I used to experience is completely gone! Also, when my husband and I do have anal sex, I can comfortably last longer then prior to using VuVatech and we are not so rushed.


Vuvatech rectal dilators gave me a second chance !!! I got really “turned off” of anal sex years ago before I was married. It was at best uncomfortable for me, and often very painful. My husband has wanted to try it over the years and I’ve always said “No!,” letting him know how painful it was for me before. A girlfriend told me about Vuvatech and I decided to surprise him for our 10th wedding anniversary. I practiced with Vuvatech for 3 months for our anniversary. On the night of our 10th anniversary we finally tried it and it was sooo much better then when I tried it before. So good, that we have tried it several times since. Needless to say he was very surprised by his “present.”


Thank you vuvatech. Progressing from #1 to #5 was easier than I thought it would be! I was very, very nervous at first, having no experience at all in “that area.” When I first opened my 5 dilator set I was a bit “intimidated” by the larger sizes. But, I read the directions and got started using #1 and the WONDERFUL lube vuvatech offers. I worked with my dilators consistently and tried both lying on my back and on my side while inserting them. Lying on my side, knees pulled up toward my chest, legs apart is the easier of the two methods for me to use. While on my side, I can insert the dilators easier and more fully. I’ve slowly worked my way up to using #5 comfortably. Vuvatech is wonderful!

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