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Interview with MELTED Author J.M. Bishop on her Upcoming Book about Vaginismus

VUVA: What is MELTED about? 

J.M. BISHOP: I didn’t realize that Melted was about my journey to heal vaginismus until I was in the process of revising the book. I kept saying to myself “why is my vaginismus dominating yet another scene?” Once I saw it the whole story I’d written made so much more sense.

VUVA: What story did you think you were writing?

J.M. BISHOP: I thought I was writing an adventure travel memoir about my quest to find a way to “wake up” my desire. I was searching for “that special thing” that would make it so my body got turned on and actually wanted to have intercourse (and somehow magically make it so I didn’t have vaginismus). I tried a lot of different things that all went wrong, like going to an odd pelvic floor physical therapist for a “healing fingering”, checking out whether watching pornography helped, and experimenting with men who were convinced they could fix everything with their specific brand of manliness. But at the root of it all was the guarding, pain, and anxiety of unresolved vaginismus.

VUVA: How did your views about having vaginismus change over the course of MELTED?

J.M. BISHOP: At the beginning of the story I considered myself to be a completely broken woman. I was depressed and pretty sure there was no way to overcome my clinically diagnosed “sexual dysfunction” and lead a happy life. By the end of the story I understood that the part of my brain that doesn’t do logic (the amygdala) was actually functioning perfectly to protect me from the perceived danger of intercourse – even when I logically knew I was safe and with someone I loved. It was such a liberating realization and helped me to focus on finding ways to switch away from the activated fight, flight, freeze states I was constantly living in and consciously create the conditions that support calmness and pleasure. I choose to write this book because I wanted to help other women with “sexual dysfunction” to change their mindset and get inspired about their amazing bodies.

VUVA: Why did you name your book MELTED? 

J.M. BISHOP: In part because one early reader suggested that I call it Frigid and I prefer focusing on the vibrant and positive alternative that I believe all women are capable of! Also because over the course of my journey I did learn how to melt into my own luscious sensuality. Another reason I love the title Melted is because there are chocolate references throughout the entire story and even a chapter where I learn to ferment cacao at a cooperative in the Central American jungle.

VUVA: When will MELTED hit the shelves? 

J.M. BISHOP: The manuscript is completed and I’m currently querying agents. I’m not sure when publication will be but I do have a VIP Reader List where people who are curious and excited to read MELTED can sign up to follow the publication adventure and download a free copy of the first chapter.

VUVA: Are there any other ways to stay connected with MELTED’s journey? 

J.M. BISHOP: Yes, I love staying connected with future readers via my author instagram account @j.m.bishop_ and I post weekly quotes from the book there!

VUVA: Thank you! We are looking forward to reading MELTED!

J.M. BISHOP: Thank you for having me on your VUVA GIRL blog!

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