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VuVa Vaginal Dilator Reviews – Changing women’s lives with a safe therapy option.

LL ON AUGUST 27TH, 2018 

The VuVa Dilator with the Neodymium magnets has been a total game changer in my life. I have had vaginal intercourse pain for more years than I care to remember. I’m 65 years old, I went to my Gynecologist he recommended Mona Lisa Touch laser treatments that has helped with my pain but I think the dilator that was also recommended by my Gynecologist has made a huge difference too. I wish I would’ve known about dilators years ago. I can’t thank you enough VuVatech I’m pain free and totally enjoying enjoying my husband of 49 years.

C.B ON JULY 23RD, 2018

Along with developing a product that’s giving hope to women who are treating Vulvodynia, Vestibulitis, Vaginismus and other challenging conditions, Tara is a wonderful person who is there to actually support the women purchasing and using her unique dilators. I have spent so much time and money on countless ‘specialists’ and products (to little or no avail), and have never encountered such a personal level of customer service as I have with Tara. She is someone who is incredibly empathetic with what you are going through. This is much more than something to try, it’s something to believe in.



When I first started having my period I tried tampons and found them IMPOSSIBLE to use, very uncomfortable. I tried them now and again over the years and the result was pretty much the same – DISASTER. I’d use them when I had to (swimming and such) but could really only manage Lite or Junior tampons with a plastic applicator. Two years ago I started having an annual GYN exam and found that really difficult and uncomfortable for me. In talking with my mother (and eventually my gynecologist) I discovered I was suffering from Vaginismus. I started working with the Size 1 and Size 2 VuVatech vaginal dilators and now find using tampons pretty easy and comfortable. I would say my GYN exam is “tolerable” at this point. I am really surprised by the awesome progress!

JKS ON JUNE 25, 2018


Vuvatech has provided me a lot of relief from Vaginismus! I have struggled with vaginal pain a lot over the years and didn’t even know why or what it was? But, it’s been a HUGE theme in my life since I struggled to use my first tampon as a teen. Losing my virginity was a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE experience! Even as a sexually-active adult, I still struggled to use tampons many months (opting to use “teen-sized” tampons solely for comfort). My annual exam was often a disaster for me (something I would dread weeks in advance). Any partner that I had over the years that was “larger than normal,” was a monumental challenge (of not impossible). It’s been horrible. I recently learned about vaginismus and am seeking treatment for it. Vuvatech is part of that treatment, and, it’s working! My husband and I are sincerely grateful to Vuvatech for its wonderful products! – JKS

JULIE ON JUNE 14, 2018


VuvaTech has helped make anal sex fun for me! I had tried anal sex a few times over the years and my experiences with it ranged from “painful” to “boring.” I never understood what my girlfriends were raving about? It was often very painful for me and “good anal sex” would mean that it didn’t last very long. A friend of mine suggested I try VuvaTech. After working my way up in size and depth over several months, everything changed for me! Wow! I now look forward to anal sex and can even orgasm during it! – Julie.


I’m 25 years old and had issues having intercourse with my boyfriend. I was recently diagnosed by my gynecologist with vaginismus. She referred me to a physical therapist that recommended I use dilators along with my daily exercises. I’m so unbelievably happy I purchased these. They really help with reducing pain with a heating sensation like a heating pad. I have been able to go from the first size to the second size in about 2 weeks. I was shocked and didn’t think I would transition that quickly. This process has been an emotional experience for me, as I had difficulty coming to terms with my condition. However, I have been determined to work at my pelvic floor muscles and show my boyfriend, as well as myself that I can do this. These dilators have helped my confidence sexually, as I continue to be intimate with my boyfriend in other ways. Which I wasn’t sure was possible for me to have confidence in that place of my life. Thank you so much. I recommend these to any woman suffering with vaginismus and seeking a change.

ANGELA N. ON MAY 13, 2018

I want to express my gratitude to vuvatech for making my wedding night truly wonderful for me! THANK YOU VUVATECH! As a teen I struggled horribly to use even the smallest tampon – only resorting to them when I had to (swimming in the summer). In college, I would absolutely dread my annual female exam. No matter how gentle my GYN would be, it would hurt, a lot. When my GYN found out I was engaged, she suggested I try vuvatech so that my wedding night would be more comfortable for me. She suggested I work with sizes 1 and 2, starting three months before my wedding. I took her advice. By my wedding day I could comfortably use size 2. My wedding night was WONDERFUL. Without vuvatech, I think it would have been a disaster. Thank you vuvatech!

JULIE ON APRIL 29, 2018 

I am enjoying sex for the first time thanks to my Vuva dilators !!! As a teen I found using tampons next to impossible. Later, losing my virginity was a horrible, painful experience. Over the years, I found sex at best “OK,” and often difficult and uncomfortable, especially if my partner was larger than average. A friend suggested I try Vuva dilators. I ordered the 5 dilator set and gave them a try. Practicing with #1 was pretty easy for me. Using #2 was a bit more challenging, but went OK. Progressing from #2 to #3 was the biggest challenge. It took a while and I went slowly with the transition. After getting comfortable using #3, getting used to using #4 and #5 went more quickly than I thought it would. After working with Vuva dilators, I find myself really enjoying sex. Thank you Vuva !!!! Shop Vaginal Dilators Now 

JAITYN G. ON APRIL 14, 2018 

This set as really helped me overcome my vaginismus! I would recommend buying the entire set because it gives you varying sizes and you’re able to start really small and work up to the biggest one. I highly recommend these dilators even if you don’t buy the whole set. Shop Vaginal Dilators Now 


Vuvatech rectal dilators gave me a second chance !!! I got really “turned off” of anal sex years ago before I was married. It was at best uncomfortable for me, and often very painful. My husband has wanted to try it over the years and I’ve always said “No!,” letting him know how painful it was for me before. A girlfriend told me about Vuvatech and I decided to surprise him for our 10th wedding anniversary. I practiced with Vuvatech for 3 months for our anniversary. On the night of our 10th anniversary we finally tried it and it was sooo much better then when I tried it before. So good, that we have tried it several times since. Needless to say he was very surprised by his “present.”
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I have found this to be a very helpful and easy-to-use product. After using it consistently for several weeks it has greatly reduced the soreness I would often feel the day after having anal sex and has actually made it possible for me to enjoy having anal sex with my husband. Prior to using VuVatech Rectal Dilators I would dread having anal sex, would not enjoy it at all, and would be very sore for several days afterwards. After working my way up to sizes #3 and #4, I can now comfortably accommodate and enjoy anal sex. The “day after soreness” I used to experience is completely gone! Also, when my husband and I do have anal sex, I can comfortably last longer then prior to using VuVatech and we are not so rushed.
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I am a 60 year old woman who had not been sexually active for some time. When I met my soon to be spouse, I was elated! However, I had a penetration problem. I couldn’t believe that after all these years of waiting for the love of my life, I would not be able to consummate our marriage. My pelvic floor specialist recommended vaginal dilators as my condition was related to lichens sclerosis, not age! With a topical prescription and these wonderful vuva magnetic dilators, I am using the largest size with ease. I have used magnet therapy other times – never dreaming what a remarkable difference they would make for me in this regard. Thank you. Surprised and Happy. (even recommended a girlfriend undergoing chemo) Pricey but worth every penny! Shop Vaginal Dilators Now 

C ON MARCH 23, 2018

What a wonderful creation, after suffering with vulvodynia for the last 4 years i’m So glad I came across these.
I would recommend them to anyone suffering with this awful condition.
Thank you Tara xxx Shop Vaginal Dilators Now 

K.W ON MARCH 18, 2018

I just wanted to let you know I ended up ordering your product, and I will be indebted to you forever.

At the age of 30 after suffering for vaginismus for 17 years, for the first time in my life, I have consciously been able to insert something in my vagina. I literally did not believe I had a space for something to enter me until I used your dilator. In two weeks, I have moved to the third of the five dilators and used a tampon. I am stunned.

I finally believe I am well on my way to losing my virginity – three years into my marriage – and God-willing, getting pregnant.

You and your product have literally changed my life and I cannot express enough gratitude to you for being so open about your experience and developing these groundbreaking dilators. I felt so alone, so hopeless, and so abnormal – until I received your email.

I hope you feel such a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and pride knowing you are literally changing women’s lives. I am going to make it my personal mission to spread the word about this product to all vaginismus suffers.

Thank you so much, Tara, and God bless you.

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S.S ON MARCH 4, 2018

I’ve never experienced painful sex before but randomly a few months ago it all started. I wasn’t able to pinpoint exactly when it happened or what caused it. My doctor told me to “just relax” since the anticipation of pain could make it worse. Hearing “just relax” was infuriating! After much research I decide to purchase a set of dilators and randomly came across VuVatech. Though I purchased the whole set I started with the mid-sized dilator and after only three days I was able to move up a size. I haven’t even used them regularly and they’ve made a tremendous difference!! I wasn’t sure if this product was going to work for me but I’m so happy I purchased these ones instead of the traditional dilators. If you’re experiencing painful sex, please, please, please, give these a try; they will absolutely change your life! Shop Vaginal Dilators Now 

EMILY ON FEB 27, 2018

Being in my early 20’s I never thought I would ever have a problem in this area but after a diagnoses with vaginismus I knew I had to make a change. Vuvatech had done wonders even with my wellbeing and have progressed to size 4 already giving me the confidence back I thought I wouldn’t have in that area of life! Tara, the founder of the company is amazing and extremely supportive with any condition women have! I would recommend to anyone looking to help out that area of their life! Shop Vaginal Dilators Now 


ABBEY ON FEB 4, 2018

Wow, VuVaTech dilators made a HUGE difference for me. Taking my time working my way up in size, starting with #1, has really helped me gain confidence and become much more comfortable mentally and physically. Learning to stretch and relax has made a big difference for me and has made me less nervous in general. Combined, this has made anal sex not only possible for me, but comfortable and enjoyable. Without VuVaTech this never would have been possible! Shop Rectal Dilators Now

VuVatech offers safe Magnetic Vaginal Dilators for women who suffer for Vulvodynia, Vaginismus and other pelvic pain conditions.

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