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Is Painful Sex a Problem? Here’s What To Do…

Painful sex doesn't have to be the end of the world, although it may feel like it. This article covers some of the most effective solutions for vaginismus and dyspareunia. Stop suffering in silence!
3/26/19 Written by Melody C

When you’re struggling with painful sex, there are solutions… here’s what you should do: 

While few women are willing to tell all about this condition, vaginismus has become an increasingly talked-about condition that millions of women suffer from each year. Dyspareunia, or painful sexual intercourse, afflicts as many as fifteen percent of women every time they have sex.

Vaginismus, an aspect of dyspareunia, is a condition in which muscle spasms prevent successful penetration. Treatment remains even more obscure; there is no magic pill designed to reduce your pain. Vaginismus is often treated by determining the underlying factors; and that’s a challenge of itself. Anxiety, vaginal dryness, depression, body image problems, and stress can all contribute to painful intercourse. “It’s like hitting a brick wall”, many women report about suffering from vaginismus.

While it’s common, you do not have to struggle

First of all, the majority of women will experience painful intercourse during sometime in their life. While it’s wrong to expect them to put up with discomfort, unfortunately pain remains untreated.

vaginismus and how to treat it

Sex education is necessary to remain aware of facts that can help a woman become aware of solutions. Women are often reluctant to seek help from their physician for sexual health related issues. While this is understandable, it becomes a necessity at a certain point to confide in a doctor due to the fact vaginismus greatly impairs a woman’s ability to engage in a normal function; having sexual intercourse.

Solutions for painful sex

Fortunately, a few products are available on the market to assist with these life-impairing problems. VuvaTech, a vaginal dilator, is designed to soften tissue and relax muscles. Once inserted in the vagina, it works to painlessly expand the interior, as to train the pelvic muscles to tolerate penetration. Vaginal dilators with neodymium magnets, in a double blind study, have been proven to have better efficacy than those without neodymium magnets.

While they may look odd, vaginal dilators have passed every clinical trial and are perfectly safe to use, leading to the relief of thousands of women who have tried them.

Using vaginal dilators, in addition to other relaxation techniques, can make experiencing sex more fulfilling for any woman afflicted with vaginismus. Many women will completely forgo sex because fear of pain is too much. This should not be so! Therapy exists, and you do not have to experience this alone.

And finally, keeping open with your partner about your condition is better than keeping him in the dark. There are other ways to be intimate with each other that don’t involve penetration, and those activities can certainly be engaged in while difficulties being penetrated are being addressed.

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