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The Ohnut Ring Wearable Relieves Painful Sex

Find out how the Ohnut ring, a revolutionary intimate wearable, acts as a buffer during sex in order to bring relief from intercourse-related pain...

Worn externally at the base of a penetrating partner (e.g. on their shaft or on a toy), an Ohnut ring compresses down to act as a soft buffer during sex. Each set comes with 4 linking rings that allow you to make simple adjustments, so you and your partner can not only discover comfort but also what depths feel really good—for both of you.

The Ohnut is designed to feel just like skin. Wearing the Ohnut is so comfortable (like a gentle hug) you and your partner will barely notice it is there. BPA, phthalate and latex free, your Ohnut ring is made from FDA approved body-safe material. ‍

ohnut reviews ohnut for painful sex

Testimonals: Ohnut Ring Customer Reviews

“The Ohnut had been transformative in our sex life. Where I was once dreading having sex , I now look forward to it. My partner feels he can now “thrust” and I’m not in pain or sore and feeling like I’m a failure as a partner. Thank you, truly thank you!”


“We felt so much more connected and I could relax not having to worry about “how” we were doing.”


“I couldn’t tell what was my skin and what wasn’t my skin. It feels like a hug.”


Want to order an Ohnut ring? They are available here:

The Ohnut ring paired with the VuVa magnetic vaginal dilators is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread if you have painful sex. This is coming from someone with vulvodynia and endometriosis. I LOVE THEM BOTH SO MUCH!

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