#051 – Entrepreneur Launches Company to Help Women Who Suffer from Pelvic and Vulvar Pain

#051 – Entrepreneur Launches Company to Help Women Who Suffer from Pelvic, Vulvar Pain   Tara suffered from Endometriosis and

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What Patients Say Works for Vulvodynia via

What Patients Say Works for Vulvodynia June 7, 2013 By 23andMe under Health and Traits For the live-updated, fully-labelled, interactive version of this graphic, click

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Magnetic Vaginal Dilators vs Nonmagnetic Dilators – Why are the magnets important?

Vaginal Dilators have been utilized in the plan of care for patients that suffer from pelvic pain conditions for decades. Unfortunately,

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vuva magnetic vaginal dilators

Using Vaginal Dilators: What You Should Know

If you’re considering using vaginal dilators, you probably have a few questions about them. Read on for the necessities on how to use a dilator.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt: Sleeping Positions for Relief

Studies have found that anterior pelvic tilt (and the related pains) may be far more common than people realise. Learn about the best sleeping positions for relieving the symptoms.

Feminine Wash : Experts Debunk the Myths via

by Kevin Tao | Posted on August 7, 2018   So you wanna learn about feminine wash, eh? Here’s the most essential fact

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10 Pelvic Pain Conditions that could be causing Painful Intercourse

Does sex hurt? You could be dealing with one of the conditions below. Many doctors diagnose improperly, so read on

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13 Reasons to use Vaginal Dilators for Painful Intercourse

Why use Neodymium Magnetic Vaginal Dilators?  We have put together some great reasons below: Allow your healthcare provider to perform

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